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 Harry Estevan (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Harry Estevan (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:25 pm

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I'll always be just a reckless kid who never considers the consequences

Name: Harry Estevan
Codename: Light Admiral, July 21st
Alias: the light kid
Year of Birth: 1993
Height: 6.3
Weight: 181 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA/Genosha
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Harry can be defined as a kid that never grew up. He likes to joke, fights like he's in a comic, and always tries to find light in bad things. He can show a more ruthless sense to him, as he strikes his enemies down without hesitation. He's also very obsessed with bettering himself, seeing that powers have a constant room for improvement and not believing in limits. He's also seemed to gain a rivalry with Darkness, as their elements are exact opposites.
While he lost his powers, he's become a lot more calm and collected, able to access the situation and keep his cool. Even after regaining his powers, he seems to have become far more level headed in fights. However, he still thinks like a kid and hates having to follow rules or guidelines
Him and Filipe share a very close friendship, with Harry obviously serving as the comedy value. They're both extremely close to the Archangel family, and Harry and Ruth in particular seem to be attracted to each other, although Harry wont speak of it much, either out of embarrassment or fear.
Base of Operations: N/A
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother (currently both live on Genosha)

Allies: The MI6 and British government, the SXM

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: MI6 Special Divisions operative
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
The Offspring: Original Prankster [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Dennis Winslow/Robert J Walsh: Short Hair (Megas XLR OST) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yoko Kanno: Keyakusha (Darker than Black OST) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Pillows: Biscuit Hammer [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Comic book knowledge: He knows more about comics than anyone else in the SXM. This makes him a deadly fighter, as his imagination and knowledge allow him to create several uses for his skill, and allowed him insight into some enemies in the first years of the team's existence

-Covert Ops training: He's been trained by Fawkes in Co ops methods and practices. He displays a natural skills for these due to his powers, but his nature prevents him from being as good as he can, as he lets his emotions run wild. Since become an MI6 operative, he has improved immensely at intelligence gathering

Harry is easily one of the strongest SXM members, with his light body giving him immunity to all physical attacks. Only energy can harm him

-Light Manipulation. He has been shown capable of manipulating pure light.
He can use the light to fire blasts, both concussive or capable of burning the target, creating a shield that burns anything inside, and create light constructs, such as swords or shield. He can also release blinding flashes of light to incapacitate his opponent. He has been shown capable of becoming invisible by manipulating photons.
His control has reached a point where he simple uses individual photons as weapons to harm his foes at a cellular level
--Light Speed Travel: However, Harry's biggest strength is his speed. He's the fastest member of SXM due to his power. He's capable of moving at speeds close to light by surrounding his feet with light, and then gliding using said light. For protection against the hazards of high speed travel, he creates an armor of light around himself. The strength and speed of his blows also increases due to the momentum. His main fighting style is taking advantage of this speed do deliver kicks with increased momentum and speed
--Pure Light Form: He can turn his entire body into pure light, and move at the speed of light, and also remain intangible to physical and most energy attacks. He can shift body parts independently. He normally turns himself into a beam of light and slams into his opponents at the speed of light. He can turn into his light form on reflex.

Developed Attacks:

Light Knives: Harry focuses his light beams into thin but super concentrated light. He can use these as powerful piercing beams, or use them as hand held knives. The cutting power is strong enough to cut through William's Carbon armor, which is as strong as diamond.

Light Gliding: Harry surrounds his body in light and syncs it with the light around him allowing him to travel at close to light speeds. This ability increases his strength due to momentum, which results in destructive kicks and punches that can send opponents flying miles away. He doesn't rely on it as much due to his light body shift

Light Mirror: Harry forms a trail of light with his hands and then travels along it, allowing him to get to places at light speed. This power is especially useful because it allows him to take others along with him. He's taken people over far distances, and there is no know limit to the amount of people he can take with him.

Solar Flare: Harry's strongest attack. He fires a massive omnidirectional blast of light that gives out as much electromanetic energy as the sun, essentially causing a mini sun to destroy everything in sight. It's caused damage to the atmosphere with it's power. Harry can focus the blasts in a single beam in order to better control it

Lion Flash Stance: By manipulating individual photons, Harry can cause damage at a cellular level. At first, this was only one attack to lead the photons in a path, but Harry trained it up to a point where every blow he delivers carries the damaging power. The damage is such that not even Jet with his healing can recover. RCR is incapable of healing the damage, and so far only beings like Milo have been show to recover


Bio: Harry was an average, comic book loving kid. One day, when he was 10, he was trapped inside an elevator, with the lights out. His fear of the dark triggered his ability. The elevator soon got running, and Harry was left with this new skill.
Thanks to his knowledge in comics, he was able to quickly learn control of his power, and 5 years later, was already capable of fighting on his own.

After meeting his future version, Yamairo decided to recruit him. Milo set out, and met the young Harry, with who he became friends over their comic book interests. Harry was too late to help fight Zulan.
Over the 2 weeks, he mastered his skills, and was one of the first people to fight Velon, his skills managing to harm him. He still lost, and was taken prisoner. He later broke out, and helped end the agency.

When the government made his move, commanded by Jason, Harry helped fend off the attacking police, and helped Fawkes in his stealth mission, capturing Strade.

He was in the tournament, paired up  against  Dimitri.  He battled him  and managed to win surviving his nuclear attack in the end but was not able to sustain his energy shield. He was saved by  Milo who absorbed the nuclear radiation  that was produced by Dimtiri's nuclear attack. In the second round, he fought William, and was at first unwilling to raise his hand, having seen what truly becomes of Shawkun's captured Souls. However, William's own resolve convinced him, and he unleashed his new technique, the concentrated light Beams, to cut off William's brain from the body, stopping his healing, and winning the fight. He finally lost in the quarter finals to Yamairo.

He later helped the group during the Symbiote invasion knowing a lot about marvel comics and later  helped Filipe defeat a symbiote powered Yamairo.

When the power drug was spread and millions gained powers, Harry once again stepped up, helping to train the new students. He was fighting along side James, and was saved by the brotherhood brought back by Velon. He managed to find the others, and was taken away from the island and Zulan and Samuel's fight. When they returned and Controller started his sick game, he fought Sandra, and unveiled his new power, the Light Gliding, using it to hold off Sandra until Samuel came to finish the job.  After Sandra was beaten, he helped Nate and a few other members beat Cyber.
Later he participated in the Secret Wars and was nearly killed by both Travler and Tyrant. He was one of the backups that went to help with the Espada, him and William fighting of the Septima and managing to kill him with a surprise blow from Filipe.
Later he joined Anti-Registration and became one of the main fighters along with Filipe.  He was nearly killed several times and was glad when Yamairo and James rejoined Anti-Registration. When the fight ended, he too parted ways and went with Filipe.

During the Darkness arc, the events of the Civil War took a tool on Harry, as he became more serious and grim. Contributing to this was his first meting with Jet, which would turn into a rivalry set by nature itself, light vs dark
In their first fight, he was loosing until Filipe intervened to help.

During the second fight, he was able to defeat Darkness, despite him using Tanya as a shield. Later, he helped during the attack of the Skrulls, and was one of the people that fought a multi-powered Hitler, fending off Legacy. Seeing the discrimination towards mutants further worsened his state.
When some relative peaceful times arrived, he helped trained Katy, helping her unlock the power of elemental shift. He was then sent over the edge by news of what Sindus was planning, and it was only thanks to Milo that he was able to be stopped.

When Milo fought Vinlo in their final battle, Harry woke up, and ended up in combat with an iron controlled Peter. Thanks to Troy and Katy delivering the message from his future self, he was able to grasp his problems, and come to terms with his powers, gaining control of his light body and easily beating Peter.

He later helped Samuel and Yamairo rescue the people trapped in the Shining City
When Namini attacked, he was one of the first to fall to her powers, and was later brought back.
He went to backup the SXM fighting the Akatsuki, fighting off Zetsu. He was about to start a fight with the Dragon Slayers when Namini broke the summonings in order to help Milo.

When the Predators attack, he helped the SXM defend New York city, unleashing a massive Solar Flare on the main attacking ship. He failed to defeat them, but using Zach's probability alteration and another blast, he was able to destroy the shield generators and allow the SXM to bring it down
He then helped the SXM infiltrate the mothership and fought in the final battle.

During the Phoenix Alliance arc, he was one of the few SXM that wasn't kidnapped, and ended up proving invaluable, first during Yama's plan to search the globe at light speed, as he was one of the people that participated in the search, and then during the final fights, as he helped distract Sandra so Filipe could freeze her solid, and then fought Milo along with the other SXM, managing to hold him off long enough for him to regain control
After the SXM were told about the Hunters, he was place in the Covert ops squad as both a method for invisibility, and a main fighter should the need arise.

After that he fought many battles, usually helping to deal with the strongest villains present in the fights. However, he soon grew dissatisfied with his progress as a fighter, and his defeat at the hands of Hyperion, the Titan of light, only helped further this. He trained harder, and soon mastered a new form, the "Lion Flash". He used it against Jet as a single attack and managed to hurt him beyond healing point
During the virus arc, he was infected when he went to get Filipe, who was training, back to the island. Both him and Filipe (who was safe) were retrieved by Hei. However, Harry escaped and nearly infected Genosha. The Surfer showed up, and managed to fix the problem with cosmic energy healing

During the hunter war, he ended up fighting Filipe because the later protected Hei. Harry didn't listen to Filipe's explanations, and Filipe, being serious about wanting to see if Hei could fix the problem with the hunters, froze Harry in the Ice Flower Funeral
When Harry forced himself out, he damaged his brain and lost most of his control over his powers. After that, he left the SXM

5 months later, he became an agent for the MI6. He's trying to use his new job to find some info on the Syndicate that Hei worked for, and get at the truth of what happened in Genosha. His investigations lead him to Tokyo, where he was helped by a local agent called Aya. After following a lead associated with a Chinese Triad, Harry finally tracked down Hei. However, as it turned out, it wasn't Hei, but Filipe himself, posing as the Black Reaper to find Hei for his own motives. He also met a man called Solf, a mutant sent by the Syndicate to kill Hei. Soon, the CIA got involved as well, as agent Jessica, Steam (the woman from the Brimstone Arc) was also tracking down the Black Reaper
Continuing to track him through Asia, Solf hot on his tracks, the 3 groups (Solf having joined with Jessica) eventually find him in Moscow. After another cross city battle, with Huang and Mao getting involved, Solf leaves Jessica for dead, and Hei manages to get away. Harry manages to capture Hei however, but he gets away during a Predator invasion of Earth.

The next appearance is during Dark Reign, when he briefly joins the heroes in attempting to defend Asgard.

Harry continues his chase, this time following a lead in Berlin about Solf's former house. There he again met the agent, finally figuring out that Yin, the girl that was with Hei, was a weapon to be used against the mutants of Genosha by the Hunters. She wasn't called off in time, and now she's gone berserk and is trying to carry out her mission. Harry leaves without confrontation.
Finally catching up with Hei and Filipe in Lisbon, and taking out Solf in a boat fight on the Tagus river, the 3 fighters catch a transport to Genosha, tracking Yin. After a 3 way fight that ends in a draw, they finally find her. At first completely defeated. Hei manages to lower her guard and kill her. Harry and Filipe let him escape with her body.
After clearing things out, the two friends finally return to the SXM, their powers restored, just in time to deal with a Sandra clone

After reclaiming Genosha soon after, the SXM is reformed. Harry again joins the Covert Ops team, while remaining in contact with MI6. Getting again dragged into the fight, Harry is forced to fight against Evil itself because of Amber's loss of control.
He is then faced with the X-Lords, and captured before TOAA resets time.

During a night out, he is met with a strange woman named Gorgon, who manages to seduce him and capture him. Filipe and Hei bust him out, and discover this woman was attempting to secure information to sell to various intelligence divisions.
His next challenge is Lucifer himself. He goes into Hell with other members to rescue the souls sent there by the Void during Dark Reign. During this time, him and Filipe become friends with the archangel family, in particular Ruth and Akroma.

Harry and Filipe were directly involved with the  civil war in Heaven. Along with Hei's crew, attempted to stop Crowley and Castiel's plot involving Abbie, but failed. Both of them joined the newly formed Shadow League, and they helped Yamairo deal with some problems involving a friend of his, before the three, along with Isabel, all returned.
They then took Ruth and Akroma's sides as the fought off their brother Lucifer's final gambit for control, helping them deal with the chaos Heaven was left in after Castiel's interference.

During Fear Itself, Harry engaged multiple Worthy in combat, but was never able to defeat any of them. However he continued to fight on the front lines until the Mighty finished off the Serpent's elite warriors. He also fought alongside the League against Sutur's invasion and help held off Loki.

In the aftermath of Milo's engagement, he helped Dave deal with his inferiority issues and discovery that Sandra had been involved with the former SXML leader while had been dead. Ruth, the archangel, ended up helping along and the two slept together after everyone had went their separate ways
Harry hasn't acknowledged this fact to anyone but Ruth and prefers to avoid talking bout it.

At Milo's bachelor party, he was along with everyone else targeted by Zed's revenge on Milo. Soon after, Zed unleashed the deathless universe upon Earth 616, with Harry aiding the team in the struggle, including fighting their Jet, one of the lead commanders of the alter-Shadow League

After the events, he started hanging around Ruth as she trained Gally. As the MRD situation worsened, he took a group to attempt to clear Tesla's name in the casino attack. Unfortunately, it all went wrong. Thanks to the power suppression mist, the MRDs at the scene were able to shoot and mortally wound him. His unexpected death spiraled the entire conflict out of control, completely fracturing the already split heroes, with some remaining neutral with Yama, some joining Nate in the MRD side, but most siding with Filipe for vengeance for Harry's death.

Harry returns one last time during the darkness's covering of the sun. Emerging through Gally's connection to the Heavenly Host just in time to stop Melker's death at Tie's hand, and admonishing Tie for almost killing the young girl without giving her a second chance. After a happy reunion with Ruth and Filipe, he claims to know for sure that the person behind this darkness is Jet, as he can just feel it's him. With limited time, as his body is now pure light, he travels around the various battlefields and helps purge the heroes of the darkness controlling them, have an especially long heart to heart with Zach. After the heroes discover what Jet did, Harry volunteers as the sacrifice to reverse the spell. Instead Milo makes Amber perform the same spell on Harry, which makes him the living embodiment of light. After a powerful fight of concepts with Jet, the two are evenly matched as always. Seeing no other way out, Amber pulls the plug and sacrifices Harry to bring Jet into the mortal world again. He has time for one final goodbye to Ruth, before his soul is consumed into Akasha and lost forever.

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PostSubject: Re: Harry Estevan (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:26 pm

Younger Harry:
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Harry, July of MI6
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Harry about to unleash a light blast
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Harry Estevan (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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