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 Castiel (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Castiel (Ghost Rider Agency)   Castiel (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2012 3:05 pm

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I have this little thing the Heavenly Host hates. I think for myself.

Name: Castiel
Codename: The Angel of Thursday
Alias:Cas, Cass, Caleb
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secrete
Species: Angel
Race: Variable
Known Relatives: God(Father), Archangels(Older Siblings), Angels(Siblings), Mary(Ex-wife)

Allies:  Ghost Rider Agency, SXML, Cleansers, Brotherhood

Enemies: Heavenly Host, Avengers, Redeemers

Occupation: Cashier
Religion: Abrahamic Mythology
Theme Song: Gucci Mane: Making Love to the money

Personality: Castiel is a very chaotic angel who's only goal is to seek endless amusement. He hates being bound by any rules, as such he rejected the Heavenly Host. He hates Law Enforcement of any kind, as they get in the way of the Good Life. He hates strict, and obedient people. He enjoys using people for his personal entertainment such as Desmond's army, and desires to obtain human souls, knowing those who perform soul deals enter the pits of hell.He cares nothing for others, but he is professional womanizer. He enjoys seducing, and being with women but only beautiful ones. He can be classified as a 'playah' and enjoys living the good life wine, women wealth, loving money, and sins of all manner. His favorite activity is gambling, and he loves Las Vegas, and often visits there, and has an apartment there. He is quick to violence enjoying getting into fight, enjoying the thrill, the adrenaline rushes that come with combat, but he picks his battles carefully. He enjoys pissing off the Heavenly Host, but has no real grudge against them. He has sympathy for those who lack power such as those who are in prison, or slaves, and as such seeks to help them, this sympathy is his only true humanity. He has an obsession with food particularly hamburgers.

Skills: Castiel is a former Soldier in the Heavenly Host so he's a very skilled combatant in armed, and unarmed combat. He's also a master of debate, and strategies, making him a tactical individual. His specialty is wielding Angel killing blades. His specialty is he is a master thief having robbed Heaven's arsenal.

Weapons: He robbed Heaven's arsenal, and as a result has access to a large number of divine weaponry.

Staff of Moses: It can  inflict any of the ten Egyptian plagues. It is capable of affecting Angels, demons, humans, and others.
-Plague of Blood
-Plague of Frogs
-Plague of Gnats
-Plague of Wild Beasts
-Plague of Pestilence
-Plague of Boils
-Plague of Hail
-Plague of Darkness
-Death of Firstborn

Lot's Salt: It is a stone capable of inducing divine wrath. Meaning it is capable of transforming biological creatures into a salt regardless of there species, and defense mechanisms,

Gabriel's Horn of Truth: Gabriel's horn of truth it has the ability to induce the truth in others, even extreme truths, and subconscious truths such as people's feelings about situations, and people.

Ark of the Covenant: It is capable of containing objects no matter how powerful even cosmic tier beings, and holding them prisoner. It is even capable of emitting large amounts of divine power capable of decimating and melting beings, and is also capable of inducing death.

Delilah's Knife: He wields Delilah's life which is a very powerful blade imbued with power from Yahweh. It is capable of cutting through anything, and can slay any being. He can clash with Archangel blades, and is probably superior to them.

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse's Rings: All the rings effects are not limited to humans.

War: War's ring is a simple band, and is the only one of the Horsemen's Rings without a colored stone. His ring allows him to affect the perception of humans. He can use this to manipulate people into war, and this ring vastly increases his physical skills to the point that he can clash with Arch-angel level beings of strength, and even beings like Kano, and Milo. The ring is able to induce fights between individuals ranging from a few to an entire army and it can induce effects similar to warriors madness. He also gains complete control over any and all weapons no matter there level of power. This ring can also predict opponent's moves, and also allow one to view all wars, and conflicts even street fights.

Famine: His ring affects human urges and addictions (lust, hunger, and addictions to alcohol, drugs, or blood, etc.). He can give people an addiction to killing someone, or stealing something as well.

Pestilence: Pestilence wears a ring with a green emerald that enables him to infect people with deadly diseases through an epidemic process. His power can reach people from far away. He is even capable of inventing any illness he wants ranging from an illness that changes your coloration to one that makes you vomit when you see a certain object.

Death: His ring allows him manipulation of life and death, and the ability to give Reapers mental commands. He is also able to 'sense', feel, and predict deaths. He can also determine how people died. He can also absorb life with this ring, actually trapping souls within the ring to draw on the trapped souls power similar to Shawkun's soul absorption technique.

Powers: Castiel is an Angel of the Abrahamic Faith. However he is a Fallen Angel. He wields the standard abilities of an angel, but cannot directly draw on the limitless energies of the Heavenly Host. Being Fallen his wings are black, and his powers are tainted but not on Lucifer's level, however due to relying on other powers and weapons he has more raw power then most angels, and can potentially clash with Angel Generals.
-He is able to change his outward appearance at well, and has chosen an African american humanoid form when walking the earth.
-He has large winds which he can draw into his body at will. He is immortal and does not age.
-He has immense physical strength, durability, stamina, and other enhanced physical features.
-He is immune to conventions methods of weaponry, and abilities including magical due to his divine essence.
-Like all Angels they are unaffected by psioninc energies, no matter how large the source is.
-He can fire bolts of heavenly fire from his hands or summon Angel Killing Swords at will.
-He is also capable of teleportation through time, and space with himself or others.
-He can make himself invisible to humans, although rare sensitives may still see them.
-He can selectively appear to certain humans physically or in dreams, and deliver messages.
-He can generate illusions, and compel humans to obey his will.
-He can resurrect the dead by sharing his own divine essence with the deceased, and this can be used to heal.
-When murdered, his eyes and body light signifying his divine essence fading away. His divine essence alone can blind and deafen living creatures. He is capable of moving
-He is capable of Exorcism which is enhanced when making physical contact with the target. This can be used against any form of possession including demonic and psioninc possession, and this skill can be used to remain abilities even a connection to the Phoenix Force or mental stability.
-He has the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. Namek can also implant fake memories into a human as well.
-He has the ability to make living creatures go unconscious by placing two fingers upon their foreheads.
-He is to maintain himself without food, water, or sleep, and to heal them after they are injured. He is resistant to disease
-He is capable of making soul deals, and can detect souls, and track them.
-Voice Mimicry-He can mimic the voice of any being, or when thinking of a being, can say what the being is currently saying if there not currently speaking the later aspect is useless.

Despite the Angel's lost host of abilities he shares all the Angels common weakness. Holy Fire is capable of burning him, and he can be trapped in a flaming circle of Holy Oil. Heaven's weaponry is capable of harming them, and presumably Cursed weaponry can hurt them as blessed weaponry can hurt there counter-parts demons. The Heavenly Host's weapons can harm him, and beings with enough raw power. With teaching from Mephisto he's learned how to perform soul deals, and also many summoning rituals. Being a soldier he can invoke Divine Wrath an angel's version of the Penance Stare, but due to his fallen status he can effect even good people.  He is even capable of angelic possession, and can even possess beings imbued with the power cosmic.  Being an angel he can store the stolen weapons within his body, and create false duplicates which are weaker.  He has a number of absorbed souls which grant him numerous skills from biological entities including domestic skills, combat skills, and even superhuman abilities.

Being the Angel of Thursday he always knows what the day is, and on Thursday is far more powerful then on other dates, but does not gain arch-angel level power. He is a master of Dark Magic specializing in Curses of all manner, and it is spectated that his level of magic surpasses that of Dr. Stephen Strange, and like some high tier angels he is capable of blessings to the point that he can grant men protection from demonic attack, possession, even granting them the power to heal others, and to develop holy water capable of burning through high tier demons.

Bio: Castiel is an angel born from Yahweh's divine will. Like other angels he was always curious, but unlike most other angels always questioning and somewhat chaotic. He did poorly in Angel academy, and was mentored by Uriel who helped him get out of Angel Academy. After getting out of AA, he decided to take a vacation to earth, where he was lost in sin, having made his living in Las Vegas, involved in a gang, and numerous other sins such as pre martial sex, and gambling. The Heavenly Host sought him out, and captured him, and he was purified undergoing a stay at Heaven's prison, where he sought redemption not wanting to wistand any more divine wrath. He sought out council with Uriel, and forgiveness. Getting redemption he joined the army, and met up with Namek inspiring him to develop a conscience.

They became best friends, and eventually Castiel tried to lead him a stray, Namek resisted sin, and they were both seemingly killed in a massive demon attack led by Mephisto. Castiel however had faked his death making a deal with Mephisto, and in exchange he gave said demon a powerful soul. He cut off his connections to the Heavenly Host becoming a fallen angel, and returned to Las Vegas where he rejoined Morgan Bellos's Intergang, becoming a high ranking member he eventually fell in love with Mary one of the prostitutes there, and ran off with her to Los Angeles where he married her, and started his own branch of Intergang. The gang fell to pieces, and he ended up divorcing Mary, and leaving to a Middle Eastern country, where he got involved with the Blackmarket, and become a Black arms dealer. He realized the potential of manipulating religious extremists, and began using them for his own amusements, and needs. He eventually came into contact manipulating Desmond's group using them against mutants knowing the Heavenly Host supported them, and recently with the war against Lucifer robbed Heaven stealing there arsenal of powerful weapons. He now sells false copies of heavenly weapons to humans in exchange for there souls, what he intends to do with the human souls is unknown.

He began working with Desmond manipulating him, and his army even lending him a duplicate of the Staff of Moses which was capable of taking out millions of demons.
He convinced The Cleansers that they were of God, and manipulated them using them to eliminate 'sinful' individual basically rivals which paved the path for his rise as a successful Vegas mobster. He became involved with international business, and grew to owning over half the Casino's in Vegas often clashing with Greg. Two Demonic Women sought him out, needing his help to break Lucifer's cage. He went along with them clashing with Ruth, Akroma, Harry, and Filipe working with the demonic sisters he fought them off, and using his weapons managed to free Lucifer from his cage with his knowledge of Enochian magic.  Lucifer responded burning him nearly to death but he survived and Lucifer seeing his potential formed an alliance with him. After they left hell he resumed his business on earth until Zadkiel contacted him. When  Zadkiel escaped the Black Ops, he joined him, and Lucifer together and paved the way for the Second Rebellion against Heaven Castiel seeking eternal freedom.

Castiel played a massive role supplying Rebel Angels with duplicate weapons, and clashing with heaven's forces after they won, and Zadkiel gained levels of power  he stated was Yahweh's level he was given the powers of an Archangel.  Before he be came an archangel he clashed with his old mentor Uriel whom he severely beat and cast out of Heaven. However by casting Uriel out of heaven he helped the archangel retain his powers by avoiding Sammie's assault. The Archangel of weapons he rose in power during the Dark Month, but grew tired as business was hard during the final assault on Heaven he clashed with Terrell making enemies with the Redeemers. Zadkiel wanted him to stop Terrell, but he was overpowered, and escaped Heaven. During his time he was hunted by Uriel whom he confronted, and had another battle with. He decided to expand his criminal empire from just Vegas still seeking to collect human souls which also helped rise his empire, and recruited several Rebel Angels.

However he clashed with Greg, and ended up forcing Greg to work for him leading him into conflict with the Shadow X Men, and the Redeemers. He confronted Terrell once again who beat him down, and took him to Heaven. He was placed in the Angels prison and tortured, he sought out Uriel for help. Who got him out of prison and got him in a reformation program. Seeking redemption now out of prison he joined the Black Ops Squad using his knowledge of weapons and assassination to aid in the battle against massive demonic threats. Also Heaven took the weapons he'd stolen he escaped and returned to Vegas rebuilding his criminal empire which the rebel angels were trying to gain control of also seeking the souls of humans. Velon reached out to him and recruited him into the Brotherhood where he formed a friendship with Victor who played a role in the fall of Zadkiel's empire but had been rejected from God's power.

They formed an alliance, and regained all the weapons Castiel had stolen from heaven including Helen's nail. Castiel in return trained Victor in Enochian Magic and information about the Supernatural while Victor also gave him information he knew. Together after Milo was de-powered they played a massive role in the assault on the White House, and the fall of the National Guard present in D.C. Castiel eventually became heavily involved with the Hellfire Club being close friends with Crowley the creator of Soul Deals, and was dragged into Heaven's affrairs by his old mentor Uriel after it divided because of the Civil War started with Michael. He decided to help Uriel, and after his death was promoted to the leader. He was desperate seeking out help from the SXML to deal with Michael who was far more powerful then him and he developed a plan after the heroes turned down helping him because of David's life being in danger.

Castiel took control of the Hellfire Club and they set up a plan with the Government. Seeking out Yua the secretary of Defense he worked with the Government to kidnap Carmen and Sammie, combining their powers with some technology they developed from Stark Industries they wiped the powers of every super-human present on earth including extraterritorial and mystical entities. With the heroes of earth out of the picture he moved on to using their souls to merge with the Soul of the Universe as Shawkun had once done. However doing so he absorbed all the souls on earth to gain the power to fuse with the SOTU he restored the earth and their souls having "Won".  During this time in the Civil War he started a relationship with his lieutenant Rachel, and after joining with the SOTU he made her the new viceroy of Heaven.

He murdered Michael and with his new-found power easily won the war in Heaven declaring himself the New "God." He set out to Cleanse the Universe sending the Angels out to deal with various threats in the universe aiding Milo and the Nova Corps. He damaged the balance upsetting many in the Cosmic Order and was confronted with Namek and the rebellion the last of Michael's forces. He made examples of them even with help from Namini, decimating her village but The Vishanti saved the village and her life much to his dismay starting war with them.  However with help from Raphael he lost control and was severed from the SOTU and God returned. He was stripped of his powers along with Rachel and all his followers. They were banished to earth to live out life among st humanity to understand them and Castiel with Rachel traveled to Vegas but he felt bad not wanting to regain his position as a crime lord in Vegas.

He left to start a new life in Manhattan getting a job as a security guard along with Konel, after helping stop a terrorist plot in a local bank Konel left to join the Secret Service having saved Amanda's life. Castiel quit the job at the bank due to "poor performance" And struggled to pay his rent and got involved with drug trafficking getting Rachel hooked on cocaine. She moved to California and he used the money to purchase a car.  He sought atonement for his sins feeling as though God was punshing him and got a job as a cashier in Wal-mart. He suffered from anger management and his manager Sam threatened to fire him and assigned him Wally a new recruit.  He eventually got tired of the job going to help the SXML member Sandra rescue Abby's soul from Hell, and managed to do so. However ind doing so he was trapped, and tortured by Alistair.

He was later freed by Keeth, and the GRA recruited. He intended to help them acquire a weapon that would make it easier for them against the Outer Gods if they needed to fight.


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