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 Heroes Uprising Part 6

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:54 pm

Scott crossed his arms and flared up his combination Destructive and Sacred Aura. Any Darkness Demons strong enough to pass through the purification without being destroyed were immediately pulverized by the increased pressure associated with his Destructive Aura. Although he could not move forward, he was far from helpless. Looking around, he saw that Minerva and Katy were also defending themselves quite capably. There was always something fierce and beautiful about a warrior woman, and Scott felt that way even more so toward Minerva. Although they were all capable of defending themselves, he thought of a way they could do it more strategically.

Scott walked over to Minerva and had Katy move over toward them. With all three of them standing back-to-back, they were now all capable of defending themselves from every angle.
"If you start feeling tired, let me know and I'll expand my aura to cover you. Chiang taught me how to use it to both crush my enemies and rejuvenate my allies."
Placing a hand on Minerva's shoulder, he let her know he was by her side and supporting her. Gently pulling his hand away, he contributed to holding down the fort while Ashe and Noah continued the fight to take down the Darkness Monarch.

The shadow cages that the three were in elongated and formed a door some ways off of them. It glowed purple for just a moment before the blinding darkness once again took control. Noah and Ashe would have to fight their way there and get through the door in order to escape these cages. Only then would they be able to fight the Darkness Queen herself.

As the combined might of all of the heroes pushed against the 'lid' from their side, it became apparent that Satan would have to expend more energy. As he placed his palm against it and pushed, his incredible physical and spiritual power opened it a crack, letting New Demons spill forward once more. However, Hans was right on it and immediately launched a counterattack.
"Looks like some target practice. How fun."
His chest-mounted Gatling gun was released and immediately began spitting bullets like they were going out of style.

The merciless assault disintegrated wave after wave of New Demons, leaving all of the other fighters free to keep fighting. While Cybernator mopped up the weaklings, Existence took the gloves off and began to glow with an intense purple aura of unimaginable mutant power.
Two can play that game, Satan!
A gigantic purple arm appeared that was the exact size of Satan's own arm before it started pushing back. Using the full strength of his reality bending, he began reducing the New Demons inside the portal into raw energy and adding it to the arm. The infinite army that had been Satan's powerful offensive tool was now being used against him, acting as a kind of battery to augment Existence's own reality-bending telepathy.

The lid was shut on the portal once more, closing off any further New Demons. Nick turned with a big smile, impressed by Hans' initiative and effectiveness.
"That was badass, dude!" he said and high-fived Hans.
This happened so quickly that neither fully realized what had happened, and Nick chuckled a bit after realizing what he had done.
"Don't get me wrong," Nick said as he looked back toward the door, "I still owe you an ass-kicking for what you did back in New York."
"When this is all over, I'll be happy to kick your ass again."

Nick made a tch noise, but he did it with a smile.
"We'll see."
The two then began pushing against the lid again, now determined to win this so they could settle things. They weren't becoming friends just yet, but both had gained new respect for each other during this crisis. Satan attempted to open the lid once more, but Existence was holding him fast. It seemed that he would have to expend more power than he had expected, a sign that the massive team-up of Earth's warriors was reaping great results.

When the Supreme Darkness General threw that kick, Lone Wolf moved his body to the side but kept his feet solidly planted. The very second that the kick stopped, he went to work on his counterattack. The Supreme General had chosen a humanoid form, and with it, all of the advantages and disadvantages therein. One disadvantage was that Lone Wolf knew all of the vital and pressure points of the human body like the back of his hand, and could strike them more rapidly than the eye could follow. His fingers struck all the way up her leg to her hip, striking so deeply that this attack alone would have been fatal to a normal human. On the Supreme General, it caused some bleeding and some pain, which further opened her up to attack.

Lone Wolf executed a three hit combo; a palm strike to the nose, a spear-finger thrust to the throat with his palm facing up, and a kick to the solar plexus with his foot all in rapid succession. Instead of striking with the bottom of his foot, however, he had pointed his toes forward so that his leg ran through her like a sword. Withdrawing his leg, his hands seemed to flow like water and came up above his head to the sides with his palms facing downward. His hands then struck like cobras, his index and middle fingers of both hands going through her temples and coming out before she had time to register the blow. With his hands flowing once more, Lone Wolf's right hand went down to his hip and then shot forward in the same technique that would be used to execute a Karate punch. The open palm strike struck her injured solar plexus and caused black blood to spurt from her mouth and stain his tunic as she was knocked flat on her back.

Lone Wolf returned to his starting position and stared down at her with no expression on his face. The entirety of his merciless fighting had been composed of killing techniques that muscle and durability would do little to defend against. His moves were so swift and precise that few would be able to even follow his movements, let alone defend against them. Absolute mastery of the martial arts and training more rigorous and demanding than could be imagined had created an unbelievable situation in which a regular human was dominating a demon far more powerful than he would ever be. The Supreme General was at a loss to explain why she was losing, and coughed as more blood poured from her mouth due to the hole in her solar plexus.
"How is this possible?!"

"You are indeed powerful. You wouldn't still be alive if you weren't. However, all of your physical strength, speed, durability, and spiritual power count for nothing with your skill. Demonic martial arts are far inferior to human ones, it seems."
The Supreme General jumped to her feet and began delivering a flurry of blows. However, each strike she threw was dodged and countered in a vulnerable spot, proving that her skill was indeed far below Lone Wolf's.

The Supreme General threw a claw swipe with her right hand at Lone Wolf, which he crouched down in his stance to avoid. Immediately, he countered by raising up and landing a sideways palm strike under her chin, knocking her into the air and onto her back once more. She was at peak frustration as she bled from her entire body while Lone Wolf remained completely untouched.
"Every technique leaves one vulnerable to a counterattack. Before your technique is even completed I already know how I'll counter it."
The Supreme General smiled.

"Even so, no martial artist can defeat time. As we speak my Corrupted Darkness Aura is sapping your energy. Once you are too tired to fight back, I will finish you!"
"My stamina won't give out too soon under these conditions. My training was much harsher than this."
The Supreme General got to her feet.

"Is that so? Then I will have to tire you out faster."
Forming dark fireballs in her hands, she began hurling them at Lone Wolf in massive blasts. However, to her surprise, not one of them touched him as his arms moved in large circular motions in front of his chest to dissipate them. This was mawashi uke (roundhouse block), a block associated with Karate and related martial arts. The graceful movements could ward off any direct blow.

The Supreme General had finally lost patience and summoned a sword made of darkness.
"I will end you, miserable human!"
Shooting forward off of her back leg, she raised the sword to try and cut him in half vertically. Once she was in range, Lone Wolf turned his body and his leg went into a leg arc across her neck before he pulled it back, stopping her in her tracks. A second later, her head dropped off of her body and hit the floor as her body vanished into dust.
"I will get you for this Lone Wolf!" she shouted before Lone Wolf sliced her head in half vertically with a Karate chop and it disappeared.

Lone Wolf turned and walked away, his job complete. A portal to Nirvana opened and he walked through it, not crazy about working with others but figuring that he might as well hang around in case Alan needed him once more. Appearing in Nirvana, he was standing next to Alan.
"Good work, Lone Wolf. No warrior from your order has ever faced and defeated an enemy of that caliber before."
Lone Wolf maintained a stony exterior, but the look in his eyes said that the Fire God's words had pleased him. Crossing his arms, he let the others deal with Satan since they had the situation under control. He would remain on standby in case he had to go back to Earth and eliminate some enemies.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:55 am

" Thank you Scott " said Minerva, having him and Katy by her side made her feel more confident, she could do this, she believed that Ashe, Noah, and Ku-Chan would be able to overcome the darkness monarch.

Meanwhile in the cage, the three in question were in the middle of the horde. Noah fist and feat moving faster then light and propelling him through the demon onslaught, laying waste through them " Ashe! Are you finished with whatever it is your doing? " he yelled, but Ashe remailed silent. Random explosions were detonated every few seconds and any demons that got to Ashe were crushed by a mysterious force.

" Abyssal Feast! "

Ku-Chan waved his mini staff, causing a jagged line to tear in the fabric of space and suck in any demons that got close to it, Ku-Chan giggled darkly as he controlled the tear and moved it through the air rapidly and dragging more demons in " Giga gasp! A door off in the distance, were close to the boss ya'll, Ashey boy is that game shark ready? "

" I believe I have an idea, follow me "

He took off, tearing a giant path through the demonic masses, Noah trailed after him as Ku-Chan rode on his head, having his spell follow after them " Oh, we need this!! " he pulled out speaker and music blared out filling the space. Ashe suddenly came to a halt, making Noah nearly run into him.

" Ok, whats the plan? "

Ashe raised a hand and pointed upwards " This "

A massive amount of energy began to form high above them. Noah couldnt tell exactly what the other man was doing. He noted that demons appeared to be unable to get to them for some reason, pooling around the edge to some invisible line. Noah started feeling intense vibrations, wind began blowing, a soft breeze at first that quickly evolved into a maelstrom.

" HOLY SHIZAKI MUSHROOMS! " Ku-Chan screamed " Thats fluffin insane Ashe and im here for it! "

Noah was confused till he looked up and his jaw dropped, standing out in this deep darkness was massive ball of energy that seemed to eclipse the darkness itself. Noahs mind was having trouble processing what he was seeing " I-Is that a planet? "

" Hmm, no but its size is possibly comparable, is too big? "

" No such thing! " Ku-Chan exclaimed excitedly " Can you make it bigger? "

Ashe nodded " It wasnt my initial intention for it become that size, this situation seemed dire and because of the strength of this cage, I deduced I would need to use as much power as I have to get through the cage, but I keep trying and finding I have more power, so im endeavoring to keep going "

Noah faced palmed hard "......I think your good, lets get out of here "

" Very well, get close to me, otherwise me caught in the attack "

Noah held onto Ashe from behind while Ku-Chan hugged his face " Hey, you got a name for this beauty? "

Ashe thought a moment " No, do you have one? "

" I like giant ball of deathy death "

" No " Noah overruled him

" Then what? " Ku-Chan demanded and Ashe brought his hand down

" Ashe Style: Planetary Hammer

The massive ball fell.

Minerva, who had been enjoying the music, gasped as she sensed Ashes attack and felt the shockwaves, nearly falling over.

Ashe, Noah and ku-Chan now stood in front of the purple door. Ku-Chan, now sitting on Ashe's head, sighed contently " Wow, was that good for you guys too? "

Noah chuckled " It...was something, so from here on is the darkness monarch " the immense power radiating was making the hairs on his arms stand on end.

" It may be a good idea for you two to stand back, this fight will be difficult, you may not be able to survive it "

" Thanks for the concern, but standing in the back and missing a battle arent my thing, i'll be fine "

Ashe nodded " I know, I assumed it was the right thing to say in this situation "

Ku-Chan tapped his forehead " Dont forget who we are, the Code:Breakers group of raging psychopaths/puckish rogues who just so happen to save the world trying to cause as much chaos as possible, lets just do our thing "

Noah cracked his knuckles " More or less, so should we knock? "
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:12 pm

Katy herself almost got knocked off balance from the sudden shockwaves.    "Well, looks like the boys are ready to play."   Katy wasn't to worried, Ashe Noah and Ku-Chan made up a hell of a team.   They should be to win this.


Sandra and some of the others noticed when Existence got serious.    So a reality bender?    Looks like there may have been more to this person then first meets the eye.     Of course after her relationship with Milo, nothing could actually surprise her anymore.    But it was impressive Existence had that type of power.     It was now making more sense why Alan wanted him here.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:16 pm

Amber: Ha, pleasure. My name is Amber Parker.

"Amber winces in pain when Satan breaks through. Her eyes glow gold again and a torrent of black evil magic spills from her as she aids Existence by multiplying every demon he feeds into the hand as energy twofold, doubling any power gained. She pants as she uses the powers of the Giga Slave to somehow magnify the powers of her sorcery, the inverse of what she usually does"

Amber: I am a sorcerer. I don't have a lot of time to discuss magical theory right now. Does your world have an entity by the name of Angra Manyu? Do you know any incantations for it?

"Amber was hoping that calling upon this multiverse's source would be enough to magnify her sorcery"

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:09 pm

As the cages were broken, the darkness swirled and formed the shape of a woman silhouetted entirely in darkness. There were no witty remarks or threats, the darkness simply went on the attack. The Darkness Monarch was not an individual in the sense that the other Monarchs were, it was simply a living darkness that devoured any that strayed too close. A unique Corrupted Darkness Aura spread across the battlefield and began to attempt assimilation with these dark beings. Noah would find his ability to use the light negated, as no light could exist in this aura. The being also could not be attacked physically, it was like fighting mist. The only way to fight this darkness was by their strength of will, to prove that their belief in themselves was greater than the darkness's ability to swallow their existence. For warriors used to violent and bloody combat, victory without combat would be perhaps their greatest challenge. The ability of the Code:Breakers to rally together as a team would be tested here. The darkness blanketed them, and they had just seconds to defeat it as they sank beneath the darkness that was like water.

Scott smiled as he felt Ashe break through the cage.
"Oh, yeah, they got this for sure. The CB's have a strong bond that will see them through this situation."
He turned to Minerva.
"I didn't get a chance to say it before, but you look gorgeous in that armor. It brings out all of your beauty."

He then stopped as Valor broke in.
Our friends are fighting Satan with all that they have. Existence, Lone Wolf, and Spirit Rider are working with Alan and Chiang to fight him directly. Let's lend our support.
Right. Alan, play my theme to further boost morale.

Alan got the message instantly and nodded.
"Let's do it."

This music would blend together, and for those who appreciated music like the Code:Breakers, they could see the effect it had on the greatest heroes of this universe when they fought together. The beautiful harmony got even richer, creating the most beautiful and inspiring metal one could hear. Hope swelled within the ranks as fighting spirit raged ever greater. Satan may have been powerful, but he now had more of a fight on his hands than he ever could have expected.

Existence felt his abilities being augmented by Amber's magic.
"Ah, thank you. That will certainly help."
Unleashing the full might of his power, his hand penetrated the lid without breaking it and reached into Hell itself. There, it grabbed Satan by the hand and laced his fingers with his before pushing it back.
"You will feel my wrath, Satan!!!"

Alan felt like it was time for some music, and so found a theme song by Jorn that accurately reflected Existence's personality.

Spirit Rider cheered as Existence began to fight Satan directly.
"Kick his ass, Marcus!"
Focusing his power, he lent his support through his own theme.

Lone Wolf gave a half smile.
"Mutant power is not martial arts, but it's badass in its own way."
Forming a martial arts stance like he was riding a horse, he pushed his hands forward with tight breaths, lending moral support by adding his own theme to the mix.

All of this music swelled together in the most beautiful compilation possible, rallying the forces of Nirvana as they stood solidly behind Existence. Alan stood by his side and created a great orange flame hand within Hell that punched Satan in the face repeatedly, not damaging him but distracting him. Chiang stood at Marcus' other side and created a great purifying blue hand within Hell that hit him in his body, working in tandem with Alan. Spirit Rider rode up to them and created a great green wind hand within Hell that punched him in the face after Alan's hand did, just like a boxer would. When Satan added a second hand to the fight, Existence also created a second hand and held it back in the same way. All of these warriors were feeding off of each other to push Satan back, although the lid was starting to buckle under the strain.

Master Permafrost nodded, appreciating the urgency of the situation.
"Ah, Angra Manyu is a different dimension magic. We have no name for it here, so we will need to connect ourselves to it using an incantation."
He closed his eyes and quickly spoke the incantation, and Amber would feel herself connected to it once more. Seeing the lid buckling, Master Permafrost froze the lid in place with a continuous stream of ice magic, holding it in place while Existence and the others continued to fight him with their spiritual energy.
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:04 pm

Noah and Ashe were back to back as the darkness monarch began her assault, the darkness that swirled around them was of a stronger quality then before, making even Ashe give pause for a moment. Two two began sinking as Ku-Chan floated in the air nonplussed about the events " Damn, you guys are pulling a neverending story all up in this bih, you were fine horses, dont give up! "

Noah rolled his eyes in annoyance but remained calm, he'd been in situations like this before, many vampires and demons that discard physical forms in favor or coneceptual ones often uses tactics like this " Seems like it's going to be a battle of wills, I trust your not falling short of that "

Ashe shrugged " No, my will is strong? "

Noah laughed " Maybe a little too strong "

he stabbed downward with three black keys in each hand and focused, these conceptual weapons were designed by the church as keys of providence and process the ability to intervene spiritually against " evil ".  It wouldnt land any significant blows against the darkness monarch but would keep him safe, for the time being. As he poured his will out, he suddenly felt like he was standing in the eye of a storm, power pulsated around him.

He couldnt see anything, but he could feel Ashe,  he knew the man was putting his own efforts out, the darkness that blanketed them was dissolved away, the sinking sensation becoming a rising sensation as Noah noted that Ashe's power was lifting them up. Ku-Chan shook his pom poms from his spot on Noahs head.

" Come on girls, lets sickeninnnngggg!! Hahaha i'm channeling my inner Tea Garner here, T.Garner in the house bitches! Let do it and all that possitive crap "

Ashe's power grew and grew as poured more of his will into it, incorperating Noahs own will till the darkness was completely repelled back. Noah felt something, like an outcry of some sort.

Minerva blushed and smiled " Oh, Thank you Scott " it was still a new thing for her to be desirable to someone, she couldnt say she disliked it. Suddenly everything seemed to stop.
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:14 pm

Sandra could feel the others around her starting to project their powers though the portal. They had to try to get Satan to back off because while Existence was holding his own, one must think Satan would eventually win out in the end. Sandra contacted Cass explaining to her what to do, she understood and both girls extended their powers into hell while also keeping up the lid, they formed a pair of physic fists and added in on the assault against Satan.


"I have to agree with him, white looks good on you Minerva" While Katy wasn't trying to get in the sack with the girl like Scott was, she certainly did appropriate the girls style.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   

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Heroes Uprising Part 6
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